What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?

My regular reading of the the Forbes has made me believe in the power of confidence. Particularly in the world of business. What is most striking and influential is the fact that if you believe in a Business Idea and you perform the due diligence you could very well be on your way of starting your own enterprise (big or small doesn’t matter). Confidence in your idea MATTERS.

Hybiscus is one company unheard(atleast for me)and is an unusual example where you can make a living. Selling garden accessories. (i thought a local potter sold it). But here it is different. It is about unusual services. Can anyone invent an offering of services? Yes you can. Why not. Do you have a knack of observing needs of customer and demands of the market?If yes then you can.

It does not matter how big or small is your business. Do you have it in YOU?

There have been uncountable instances where I thought this is a great Idea to begin a Business about. They lie latent in my head today. Why Why?…I ask.

As the interviewer of the zen garden points out in his books. You must have a vision to make it possible. What’s this vision about? Is it about creating an enterprise which provides employment to people and contributes towards India’s GDP? Is it about making someone’s life better? Is it about being the most innovative and creative individual to sell it’s craft? Is it about doing your own thing rather than told to do?(this cannot be a vision ..however this question has its place..we all know it)

Apart from this vision thingy..what else?


One thought on “What Makes Someone an Entrepreneur?

  1. Akhilesh September 2, 2010 / 10:35 am

    I can’t but agree with you….

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