Power of One

What do people do when they use the INTERNET?

· Check Emails

· Chat

· Search for a keyword

· Understand something on Wiki

· Check their Bank Accounts and Transact

· Check for Tweets and Update a Tweet

· Write a Blog

· RSS feeds

· Google Reader

· Ah!! Facebook (how did I forget that)  – Orkut for Indians and Brazilians

You always have new things added to this list don’t you? There is always something which revolutionizes the way we use the Internet. For years people thought Email was the best way to keep in touch over the internet right? With an ever expanding ‘Technology Universe’, there is always something which is possible now which was not possible earlier. Now it is the job of people like me and others in the technology business to see what we can build next to make businesses run better or make people’s lives easier through technology.

What would make the life of internet user EASY|SIMPLE|USEFUL|BEAUTIFUL?

What is that ONE application (yes only 1 software I mean) which would make users life EASY|SIMPLE|USEFUL|BEAUTIFUL

I know you might say that Google has been doing that on the Cloud and is trying to bring fragmented and fast evolving solutions and platforms together. (Introduced Buzz V/S Twitter within email, Google Docs  with email, Reader Vs RSS feeds within emails, Picasa  for Sharing Pictures and so on)

Questioning the Google itself and for the sake of Wishful thinking – I WAS WONDERING

· What if we have a single solution which is always there to do all of the internet things and BRINGS YOUR world TOGETHER?

· What if this solution is SOOPER easy to use, What if this solution is available on any computing device (PC, IPAD, IPOD, PHONE, or whatever comes up next)?

· What if this solution has only 1 version of the truth (need not be in the cloud but possible – need not just synch data but possible)?

· What if this solution works with existing and ever evolving services on the Internet?

· What if this solution Is meant to be ever-expanding in its features and fully customizable?

· What if this solution brings a singular experience to  the internet  users across the world?

· To simplify things I can even say the next big AVATAR of the Browser?

So what are these things which we do on the internet and how do I elaborate which I (we) wish for.


Everything starts here. Here is a possible ‘Abstraction’ of what we do over the Internet (still may not be exhaustive)



        · Text Mails

        · Video mails

        · Messages(SMS)

        · MMS

        · Feeds   (all kinds)

        · Tweets

        · Updates(All Social Platforms)

        · Voice Mails

        · Faxes

                                                         · Whiteboard Summaries of Meetings

                                                         · Group Communication Threads

                                                                  · Forum Updates


· Wikipedia

· Research Papers

· Books

· Libraries

· Magazines

· Newspapers

· Video Platforms


· Internet

· Reviews

· How To Guides

· Blogs

· Images

· Maps

· News – News Archives

· Forums

· Encyclopedia (all of the above)


· Shopping – Personal/Professional

· Products

· Services

· Content

· Utilities

Help My Memory – Personal data Management

· Managing tidbits (experiential tidbits – wine you loved, service u liked, hospital nearby, restaurant  u liked, place u discovered, map  of shop u liked, )

· Bookmarks (Bookmarks of things you marked anywhere – phone, office, kiosks, hospitals, airports)

· Tasks (Master List of all tasks)

· Calendars

· Photo  Storehouse

· Movies Store House

· Music Store House

· Data Store House (every other form of data)



1. Detail out the features

2. Prepare some Visualization

p3 Features are by no means a complete story. Being in the role of the one who defines Software Specifications, I know this list is never complete. However I hope to simplify and present a good picture in my next post.

Now, Just to leave you a thought. What if we try to achieve all of the above on a multi-touch-highly sophisticated – console which is available whenever and wherever you are.  Also the console should have the capability to talk to multiple devices (security systems, refrigerators, ovens, music systems, electrical system and of course the Internet). In that case shouldn’t the solution do a lot more? Shouldn’t it be the only thing which we require on that device, Why have a separate application which talks to electrical devices and another application which allows you to pay electricity bills? Why should you bother about remembering when to buy ‘Breads’ when your refrigerator can detect that you are left with only two slices and can order it on your behalf to your e-retailer? Why remember which is the wine you loved the most in red wine category? (Imagine you click favorites and the console displays everything which is your favorite – wine – music – movies – restaurants – etc. Do you see how the lines are blurred between Applications? Isn’t it wonderful how the universe(of applications) expands first and comes together all over again?


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